A little bit cottage core, a little bit emo kid — I'm a unique combo of things just like you are. I recognize that everyone is different in their own special way and I translate that truth into my work so that each client feels taken care of in a personalized way.

Your wedding photographer & new bestie all in one weird package

Philadelphia Wedding Photographers

You should choose me if...
  • You’re looking for a photographer who genuinely cares for you, wants to learn the ins and outs of your story, and will prioritize you and your partner.

  • You and/or your partner feel awkward in front of the camera and you need someone who will hype you up like your best friend. 

  • You’re fed up with the wedding decision fatigue and need some guidance with booking vendors and putting together your aesthetics and details. 

  • You want a custom experience that perfectly fits your needs and photos that represent your unique love. 


All love is welcome and celebrated here.

"Katarina makes you feel comfortable, confident, and like you have known her for years."

"She was great with our families and wedding party as well as bringing her fun personality to the dance floor."

"Katarina is literally your bestie leading up to and the day of your wedding."

I didn't choose photography, photography chose me. My initial interest came from growing up with Instagram, an obsession that hit new heights in 2015 when everyone’s grid was a certain *aesthetic* – I was forever going out with friends to the most random places to recreate photos we saw on social media (yes, I was basically an og VSCO girl before it became a trend). I seized this as an opportunity to get more creative and thoughtful with my phone camera shots, angles, and edits. My mom got me my first professional camera, a cute lil Canon Rebel t3i that I took everywhere with me. 

After I shot my first wedding, it was love at first shot. I was so obsessed I couldn’t even focus on my school work anymore; all I anticipated was the next opportunity for a photoshoot. I bought courses, listened to podcasts, and networked like crazy. As I wrapped up my senior year in college, all I could think was, “Damn, I really wanna be a photographer!” If not now, when? And was I even a Drexel student if I let my ambition wait? 

I’m so glad I didn’t. When people ask me what I do for work, I have the honor of saying I get to photograph the happiest moments in life and create a comfortable, inclusive space for couples of all kinds (and yes, I mean ALL) to let their love run free. This is what dreams are made of – my own dreams of turning my passion into a business, and the beautiful dreams of the couples I work with!


Juniper is my two-year-old tabby cat, and she is nothing if not spicy! Her personality is unmatched and she is the most vocal cat you'll ever met. Despite her sass and spice, she's also a sweetie and the greatest joy in my life, and I love her with my whole existence. 

get to know your new bestie, katarina

Being a Cat Mom

I'm a huge foodie and amateur chef. MasterChef is high key one of my comfort shows, lol! If you can't find me in my editing cave, check the kitchen. I love to cook and try new restaurants with innovative menus! 

get to know your new bestie, katarina

All Things Food

It's not a phase, Mom! Gimme all that pop punk emo screamo and let me mosh like it's 2014!! All around, I genuinely just love music - I always let clients DJ on our sessions because sharing music is a love language to me. I love discovering new music and genres!

get to know your new bestie, katarina

Emo + Punk Rock

I consider myself a walking plant encyclopedia. I am definitely more of an "outside-y" person than an "outdoors-y" person, but that being said, I love nature! I love trees, bees, and all things fungi and plants. Spend 10 minutes outside with me outside and I guarantee you'll get countless unsolicited fun facts about the surrounding environment! 

get to know your new bestie, katarina

Nature + Plants

Every good cup of coffee has two things: ice and oat milk - yes, even in the dead of winter! Dunkin is my chain of choice, but I usually prefer to brew it at home with my fancy farmer's market grounds or support a local coffee place. My all-time favorite coffee shops are Plants and Coffee in Easton, PA and Pot Heads Coffee in Bensalem, PA!

get to know your new bestie, katarina

Iced Coffee

If you love my vibe, you should meet my Jimmy. If I take the cake, he is the sprinkles on top (hehe get it? Jimmy- Jimmies) ;) He is probably one of my favorite people and my best friend- We love to try new foods, go on lil day-trip adventures, and making new couple friends to go on double dates with! *wink wink*

get to know your new bestie, katarina

Double Dates + You?

My favorite things...

100 + Happy clients and counting